Get to know the owner.

Roman Vail

An editorial, fashion and commercial photographer, now offering retouching and color-grading services. He specializes in cinematic, edgy glamour; an editorial fashion style that is unpretentious.

Having an eye and mind for the complete project, travelled/exposed to varying cultures, arts and experiences --he brings a unique perspective that is intertwined with being raised and living in NYC.

Realism that is on the edge of street and chic -- showing the natural beauty and poetry we all have within us.

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Runway & Image Consultant

Sheri Thorn

Sheri is a fashion model and model coach who has done commercial and runway work. She has made appearances in Essence magazine and also has walked in shows for New York Fashion Week. She teaches model development to help models enhance their runway walk and posing skills to better succeed in the fashion industry.

Coaching Video

Professional work for the working professional.

Having a message that is succinct, direct and creative. More than a one-approach-for-all concept, BREAKWAVE CREATIVE is a company founded by an artist, professional for other artists and professionals [also models, agencies, public-relations, small to medium sized businesses, musicians and influencers]. We have decades of experience in photography, video, audio, copy and developing creative concepts for our clients -- production and post-production.

Art is unique and needs a personal, nuanced approach.

We at BREAKWAVE CREATIVE have extensive experience in helping realize the vision of our clients and how to professionally, creatively and personally relate to clients. Our vision comes out of a diverse background; you are in excellent hands for any direction you may want to take your project. We are right there with you and will also collaborate on the vision. It's really all about what the project needs!

The services we offer are: