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Professional work for the working professional.

All packages are customized to your needs and requirements; we respect what you bring to the table. It's about the project and results, we are very collaborative and direct a project from concept to delivery.





Photography is retouched after the shoot and is more than just a preset; it is as much about the techniques used as it is about knowing what not to use. Depending on the style and goal of a project/campaign the retouching needs vary.  Some need a very stylized approach or a more natural look. 


Retouching corrects for color, skin, make-up, hair, and can also adjust/remove background elements, subject and clothing adjustments. It should also be said that creative cropping, straightening, advanced masking, re-framing, and conversions and emulations are a creative decision that is part of the overall look and vibe of an image we retouch.


Individual & Business


Branding includes a variety of services; this service is the development of the brand, company, persona, art installation/exhibit, and the like. If you are an artist, professional, creative, politician or a business looking to grow, change, or build -- branding is a necessity.


Some content/services that may be required for your brand: photography, videography, interview (call to action, about company, profile, etc), audio (recording and backing music, etc), consultation of design, logo, type, copy/text-composition and development, color-schemes, layout (digital and physical) and all that pertains to the "tone" of the brand.




Colorist or color-grading services are what come after the video editing process and address the following needs: exposure, contrast and color balance between clips (often from different camera sources) and "the look" of the footage. It is a creative step where decisions are made, some subtle and some more up-front, about the mood and tone your project will have when you release it. 


These services are closely tied to the Videography/Cinematography work we do, since putting out a footage without this element can impact the overall quality, but we offer this for those that either supply us with additional content or have footage they need graded for use.


Confidence & Runway


Agencies and models need to develop; a great way to develop is with experience and we offer runway, pose and poise coaching so that a model will build in confidence, experience and technique. There are classes we hold yearly across the U.S. and provide virtual classes regularly.

Regarding casting, experience working with many people from various creative avenues have helped when an brand, art-director, or creative needs a trustworthy eye and judge of talent for a particular goal. From direction, practical experience, and overall skill-set -- we will meet your expectation and create a talent list tailored to your needs and requirements.


Mentorship & Instruction


When you need a voice of reason, your "partner", someone that understands all the moving parts and can think through limitations, obstacles and offer constructive solutions -- that is when consultation would benefit your business. 


Consultation can also be used in a more strategic way: building a portfolio, culling images, deciding on footage to use or even the physical layout of a store, gallery, or event space. Everything is taken into account from your logo, font, online presence and goals to the ideas and growth/change you wish to embody... it all starts with a the mind and crafting the plan.  This is the plan.


Future Proof


More than just "what I wish I had known" instruction -- mentorship is available to those that have something they need help with in a constructive, personal and structured approach. This would not be an online course, but rather live meetings to help with photography, video, editing, color-grading, retouching, developing an idea or just a sounding board.


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